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12 Winter Cocktails that will keep you warmer than Molotov Cocktail

Posted on November 23 2016

12 Winter Cocktails that will keep you warmer than Molotov Cocktail


The temperature is dropping and the holidays are approaching, what's a better way to stay warm then some boozy drinks? Here's some winter cocktail recipes that we found that are definitely worth trying.

Hot Cider

Here's the PGC team's personal fav! We are all about hot cider in the winter, so here's a website that has 5 different recipes. 


Slow Cooker Mulled Wine

It's basically like hot sangria, what's not to like?


Hot Buttered Rum

I'm sure you've heard of this before, but have you actually ever tried it? Well now you can.


Kahlua Hot Chocolate

Treat your inner child.


Spiked Chai Tea

Try substituting the milk with eggnog, TRUST ME. The next link is for making homemade eggnog, so if you're really feeling it you can go all out.


Homemade Eggnog

This recipe doesn't call for any alcohol in it, but adding your own bourbon, baileys, or kahlua is always great for boozy eggnog.




Lions Tail

Allspice Dram is perfect, "it tastes like Christmas, in the most non-gross way possible." This post also has recipes for Boozy Mexican Hot Chocolate and Rosemary Prosecco.


Autumn Bourbon Sangria

If mulled wine is not your jam, try this wintery sangria.


Cinnamon White Russian

A simple twist on an old classic! Try using almond milk instead of cream if you're looking for a good alternative.


Cranberry Vanilla Gin Spritzer

Sparkly, sweet, spritzer. 



Cranberry Old Frashioned

Sweet drinks not your thing? Try this cranberry fusion instead of the vanilla spritzer.


Spiced Vanilla Pear Cocktail

Yes, more bourbon. There really is never enough bourbon.


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