Keeping Your Mental Clarity Through the Holidays

November 29, 2016

The holidays are here and everyone is starting to feel festive! As much as we love this season, it can really take a lot out of you. 

We've put together some tips here to help you stay calm and keep your center this holiday season. It's fun to be carried away by the holiday spirit, but it's important to remember that this season is really about spending time with the people who matter most to you. And while you want to show them how much you appreciate them, it's easy to get overwhelmed and forget to take care of yourself. 


1) Keep a routine

It's so easy to get off track during the holiday season, when you feel pulled in a million directions at once. With so much planning, cleaning, cooking and shopping to do, we tend to push aside the things we don't consider "necessary" even though they may be the things that keep us healthy and sane. Don't lose your routine! Don't abandon your healthy habits or activities that help you mellow out. Get plenty of sleep. If you typically like reading before bed, keep doing it! Does a morning walk or jog help you start off the day right? Don't give that up in favor of some other holiday chore. What are healthy habits, you say? Here is a good place to start.


2) Travel smart

Try and plan most of your outfits before randomly shoving some stuff in a suitcase. Also, keep your family's toiletries all together in one bag in a convenient spot so you don't have to scavenge through all of your luggage late at night to remember where they are. Pack some age-appropriate snacks and activities for the youngest travelers, and pre-download any ebooks, movies, podcasts or other media to your devices if that's how you roll. Here are 10 more tips for holiday travel.


3) Stay with tried and true

It always seems fun to try a new recipe, but stick with what you know best on the holidays. Have you ever tried a brand-new dish the DAY OF and had it turn into a disaster? We have! Live and learn. Do the experimenting well in advance if necessary and save yourself a last-minute headache. Also, reduce stress by planning ahead. Here is a detailed blog post with information on holiday menu planning. It even includes useful printables.


4) Support local fooderies

You don't have to make everything. Get a good side dish from your favorite restaurant and/or market. Pick up your bread from a local bakery, and while you're there maybe grab a couple desserts! Preferably ones you've tried before- see number three above :) Here are 5 reasons to support local small business owners.

5) Don't over-clean or over-prep

If family or friends are coming to your house, you want it to look perfect. We all do! But the reality is there are only so many hours in the day. No need to go over your entire house with a magnifying glass and inform the kids they'll be living in the backyard until January. Just make it presentable and comfortable. Don't stress about cleaning things that would otherwise go unnoticed. This article suggests a few areas to focus your attention on.


6) Be careful of old memories or toxic relatives

Sometimes your memories of home aren't really the best. If you're invited to spend a holiday with a relative whom you have un-resolvable differences with or who spreads hate and negativity, hang with the family and friends who do not bring you down. Holiday blues are serious, and this article really helps break down what causes it and how to deal with it.


7) Be okay with "just enough"

This goes for many things. Your house doesn't need to be the most festive-looking one on the street, you don't need to cook new and exotic meals, you don't need to over-do anything. Don't spread yourself too thin. When buying gifts for people, get them something meaningful they will remember, rather than spending a ton of time and money on impersonal things that will most likely be forgotten in months. 

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