Custom Engraved Dark Brown Faux Leather Flask, Personalized Groomsmen Gift Box Set

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If you have an upcoming deadline, please contact us to discuss delivery options.
  1. Please select your desired quantity, design choice and gift box option from the pull down menus, and then add this listing to your cart.
  2. Please provide all text for engraving for each item as well as any instructions you may have for us in the "Personalized Text & Instructions" box on the listing page.
  3. PLEASE do not inform us of your deadline in the “Notes” field. If you have an approaching deadline, please CONTACT US immediately to discuss your options regarding production time and delivery.
  4. Our flasks are intended to be 100% customizable, so we do not include any titles by default-- if you would like titles such as Groomsman or Maid of Honor on your flasks, be sure to detail that in your notes.
  5. Please be concise with your instructions- if they seem open to interpretation, you may not receive what you are expecting.
FOR MONOGRAMS & INITIALS: Please write the letters exactly as you would have them ordered on the flask. For Style D, traditionally the order of initials is First, Last, Middle, with the initial of the last name being larger. For example, if the name is John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the initials should be written as JKF.


These flasks can be ordered with the following options. If you would like to order a flask without the gift box, CLICK HERE:

Black Gift Box Set: Flask, funnel, and 4 steel shot cups in black presentation box

Polished Wood Box: Flask, funnel, and 4 steel shot cups in our polished wood gift box

Gold Engraved Wood Box: Flask, funnel, and 4 steel shot cups in our polished wood gift box with gold paint filled engraving on the wood box lid.

The Black Presentation Box is made of thick, sturdy cardboard with a glossy black finish on the outside.

The Wooden Gift Box is stained a rich red wood-tone and has a glossy polish as the finish.

All of our gift sets come with a custom cut foam insert that perfectly holds the set contents in the box!


We believe in making great products.

That's why we have our flasks manufactured exclusively for our company with extra thick 5mil, premium 18/8 grade #304 stainless steel. This makes a flask that is both highly durable & resists denting as well as rust/corrosion. 

Most flasks sold online (especially low cost flasks) are made from 4mil steel, which is thinner and more susceptible to denting. They are also usually made from grade #201 stainless steel, which is less costly but also has been shown to rust within a year. #304 grade steel has 20-30 times more corrosion resistance than #201 steel - our flasks are true stainless steel and do not rust even under heavy use! 

Our flasks are professionally wrapped with vegan, scratch and water resistant leather, then engraved with extreme precision by our state-of-the-art laser, creating a warm chocolate engraving in your design of choice. The resulting imprint is amazingly crisp and very durable - perfect for frequent use! 

Engraving is forever! The engraving is permanent, and made by a laser (awesome) so it will never rub off, fade, or peel. We can engrave any text - so let your imagination soar!

We are highly selective in choosing products to use for engraving, using only well made products that we can enjoy ourselves. We pass our products through an extensive quality control procedure to ensure every gift looks perfect when it arrives on your doorstep.

These make great groomsmen gifts, or gifts for anyone that likes to party!! 

Flask Specs:
  • 6 oz capacity
  • Food grade stainless steel
  • Will not retain flavors
  • No limit to engraving (as long as it fits)
  • Front side engraving only
  • Each flask can be engraved with different text
Made Just For You in Santa Cruz, California!

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