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Services For Event Planners

What if you could impress every client with a magical event they remember for the rest of their life - with half the time and effort?

Nothing gives events such a unique feel as when the signage, decor, and accessories all match and have been created specifically for the event.

Our company makes it fast and efficient for you to create a fantastic event in three easy steps:

  1. Consult with your account manager & discuss event specifics to receive inspiration and recommendations based on past jobs and current trends.
  2. View mock ups and choose the custom created styles that work for your event. Request revisions and work directly with our designers to create exactly when you have in mind for decor, signage, and more.
  3. Purchase customized items and decor for your event with your negotiated B2B discount. Discount levels are based on total volume ordered over time.


Our unique approach allows you to create the ideal event for your client, using our unique services to make your events stand out from the crowd!

Every event should give you referrals. We make that easy. Clients rave about our personalized signs, decor, and accessories. Since we provide this to your as your supplier you get to take ALL the credit.

Everyone knows social media and pictures make the sale. The best way to have a Instagram-worthy event is through Instagram worthy decor. Nothing screams unique - take a picture of me! Like something you have never seen before - and personalized decor is just that.