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3+ Pack Washable Black Fabric Face Cover - Holds Filter – Made in USA

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polyester, spandex


πŸ‘• Super soft fabric face coverings! Made from lightweight spandex material similar to a T shirt.

βœ”οΈ Super-comfortable face covering - great for long periods of use.

😷 Each mask folds together to provide 2 layers of protection, and allows you to put cloth or a particulate filter in the middle if desired.

❀️ Our way of giving back - for each mask purchased we are able to donate one to local facilities to aid in the shortage.

πŸ‘œ Compact - folds away neatly in your pocket or purse

🚫 Elastic free - these masks are designed from material that stretches easily, conserving elastic for medical uses.


These masks have been designed so they can be made in bulk from fabric that is readily available. They do not use elastic, which is currently in short supply and needed for medical use.

This works best as a physical barrier - it is not intended to filter the air you breathe.

Each face cover is cut from stretchy spandex fabric that is super soft!

These coverings are made to be comfortable, convenient, and affordable to buy for yourself and your family.

Each folds together to provide 2 layers of protection, and so that you can put cloth or a particulate filter in the middle if desired.

One size fits most adults and each mask conveniently fits in a pocket or purse. This size does not fit most children without modification.

Each mask is reusable many times. We recommend hand washing to extend the life of the fabric, and replacing heavily used coverings.

We recommend about 3 masks per person, that way you can wash one and have a fresh one as well.

Please message us with any questions!


PLEASE NOTE: We are making masks with the fabric that is currently available. The material may differ from the photos and from batch to batch, but will still be the color you selected.

Fabric content will be as below or similar:

80-90% Polyester
20-10% Spandex
May contain rayon

Made Just For You in Santa Cruz, California

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